Monday, February 3, 2014

Raphael's travelling days are over

Dear You!

I'm Raphael-of-the-angelic-purrrsonality-and-the-heavenly-green-eyes.
But you can call me Raphael for short. I'm named for that angel guy
and for Saint Raphael too. He's the patron saint of travelers and
that's what I used to do. I traveled around my neighborhood, visiting
the Inside Kitties through their windows and looking for handouts. Not
that the saint guy needed handouts. He probl'y got that manna stuff.
Anyway, I'm a pretty mellow, easygoing guy but one day I was traveling
and thought, gosh, it's Cold out here. Plus all the food seemed to
come from Inside. It seemed like the place to be. So I picked a house
where the meals were good & regular and now I'm an Inside Kitty too.

At my foster house they say I might be an "old soul" or maybe just
"clueless." But I don't get it. I'm a really young guy and I like
games so I'll have clues soon enough. Right? My favorite game is
Wiggle the Wand Toy Under the Rug. I like the plain end of the wand
best cuz it zips around under stuff.

I don't like brushing & fluffing so much, but my foster mom says it
makes her happy and I really like sitting on her lap, so we do that
pretty often. When there's nothing else going on I like to meditate
while I watch the birdies, which is nicer when you're Inside.

One of these days I'll meet my Furrever Purrrson. Every Kitty has one
and mine's gonna have lots of wand toys and windows and stuff. If that
sounds like You, You'll have to come over to my house cuz I don't
travel anymore. OK?


To meet Raphael in his foster home, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email Raphael will also be at the Adoption Day on Saturday Feb 8th from 1-3 at Woody's Pet Food Deli, 647 South Snelling Ave., St. Paul.

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