Monday, February 24, 2014

Update on Sage

Sage had been living outside in St. Paul for three years, since the person who cared for her moved and couldn't take her along. Kind neighbors took over feeding Sage at their back door but could not bring her inside due to allergies. Even though she would rub up against the legs of the person who fed her, she shied away from touch. It was assumed that Sage was feral. Following the first polar vortex of the season, Sage’s caretakers contacted us because she was wobbly and they needed help getting her to the vet. I went over to see Sage and immediately fell in love with this beautiful cat. Sage was not afraid. She looked at me and said, "PLEASE bring me inside".

Once she was safely inside, Sage loved to be petted and purred up a storm. After a check-up at the vet, a course of antibiotics for a wound, and a brief stay with another kind neighbor, Sage was off to her new home. 
In a strange place with new people, Sage spent most of the first few weeks under the bed. But her new caretaker is patient and understanding. She recently sent this update:

Sage is coming along well. Here are some pictures. She no longer hisses but the silly girl still camps out under the bed when I visit!

I've lured her out with treats and head scratches, but she only peeks out about 1/2 way. Then eats and gets a head scratch and goes back under.

She adores getting scratched all over! I have to reach under the bed, but she is very accessible, and even reaches put her paw touch me, in hopes for a scratch. She is becoming very friendly, and with some more patience I think Sage will venture out from the bed at some point! She rolls over on her back and blinks at me..... So goofy! :)

Sage is enjoying being an indoor kitty. And her former caretaker created a cross stitch in memory of the “outdoor” Sage. 

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  1. we are glad that Sage is inside and safe and being cared for by someone who is willing to give her the time she needs :)


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