Thursday, February 6, 2014

Patience Pays Off

We've had Momo for a year.  During a cold spell last winter, a neighbor trapped her in the park, where many good cats get left off in the woods.

Momo acted very "feral" and hid in the bathroom for months and tried not to even look at us. Since we had other foster cats to socialize, we've always just left her alone. We would only see her at mealtime.

Recently, Momo started to play with us. Then a few days ago, at snack time, she let me touch her for the first time ever. Apparently she liked it, because now she can't get enough petting. She purrs and prances around and couldn't be happier. Sometimes cats take baby steps, and sometimes they wait for the right moment and make one giant leap.

I think Momo has been taking notes while watching the other cats.  And maybe she realizes that this has turned out to be a better winter for her than the last one. We wish it hadn't taken a whole year, but we're super excited that she finally decided to come around! She is so adorable! Momo has proved once again that it just takes patience and time for a cat like her to learn to trust.

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