Thursday, April 24, 2008

Formerly Feral Fluffy Fancy Pants: Finnegan & Fiona

Meet Finnegan and Fiona. They came into our foster system in mid-April after being born to a feral momcat in a warehouse. These two cuties were feral for about five minutes, then they turned into purring, playing, fluffy balls of kitten love. Finnegan, the tabby stripped one, was a bit of a ham for the camera. Fiona, the grey one with a white chest & paws, chose to be a bit more shy about posing, but I think it was because she was too busy chasing her buddies around the house. They aren't old enough for adoption yet, but how great would it be if they could be adopted together when the time comes?! Stay tuned for updates on them as they grow!


  1. Gorgeous, the camera really caught Fiona's striking eyes.

  2. I loved the little brother-sister bitey action going on at the bottom...

  3. You pictures are getting so dam good. You should know that. good job T.


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