Friday, April 4, 2008

Powdered Puss

Hello Denise,

Thanks for sending me the video clip about Feline Rescue. The work that everyone does there is a great gift to us all. There are just so many unwanted and abused animals out there and they need all the advocates they can get.

Nelson is now 10 months old and is just a wonderful little man cat. He is doing well to adjust into his new home and is trying to battle Bella for the 2nd in command position....

My little man's latest cute thing is to jump up on the kitchen counter when I make my coffee. I use a dry creamer and put it in my cup while I wait for the coffee to brew. He loves to use his paw as a spoon and dig out the creamer and lick it off. I often forget to put the cup away and will come into the kitchen to find white powder all over my counter, floor, and his little face. He looks so charming with a white face and he always makes me laugh.

He is doing great, we love him very much, and he is growing into quite the man.

I hope all your babies are well Denise.

Take Care,

1 comment:

  1. Nelson's coffee creamer trick seems to indicate he's a bright little fella. he's quite dashing as well...


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