Thursday, April 10, 2008

Foster homes are needed desperately!

Just this morning I got a note from the foster coordinator for Feline Rescue:

Hi All,

We had a man come to the shelter this morning who was told by his boss to take the stray Momma and kittens that were in the warehouse to the river and drown them. The shelter called me. I accepted them into the foster system because we had a spot.

15 minutes later the shelter called again. A man came in with another Momma and babies. They were found in an abandoned house. At this time we don't have any one else who will commit or who is available. I asked if anyone at the shelter could take them home and foster them temporarily. I received no response. I therefore had to refuse this family.This is a very hard thing to do. I feel like crap.
It would be appreciated if you could ask your friends and relatives. The situation is much worse because of the economy and the foreclosures One thing I am especially sick of hearing is " I can't foster because I get too attached". It is not about us, it is about the cats and our mission.

This is just the beginning of the terrible frustration we go through each spring/summer/fall as there are so many unwanted kittens born. Please help if you can by taking in a cat, some kittens or a momma cat and kittens until they are adopted into their "forever home". You'll be saving their lives and they will brighten your days!

Please call (651) 230-3263 for more information.

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