Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Country Cousins!

Last year S. had a group of kittens she called the Country Cousins because they came to Feline Rescue from a farm. It didn't take the beautiful tabbies long to settle in to city life. They were given pretty letter names: QT (Cutie) for the orange one, L (Elle) for the dilute tabby and the beautiful brown classic tabby twins were JJ for the male and GG (Gigi) for the female.

S. hated to think of separating them at all, but QT was the first adopted and he went alone to join a household with two other cats, where he was renamed Parmesan. (How cheesie is that??).
The latest update from their home:

I'm sure you are looking forward to your kitties first birthday as I am to Parmesan's. I must say, if you are half as delighted with your kits as I am mine we have all been blessed with a wonderful, comical little friends for a lifetime. One day I looked at Parmesan as he was dozing near me and I said to him "I hope we get to be together for a good, healthy 18 years." My girl cats are still annoyed with his presence, however, with Jemma being on Prozac they actually play together! Ivy my almost 10 year old could give a rats behind about him. He's always grabbing her and pulling her down to the floor and she has a hard time getting back up. I call him my kitty mafia hitman.


Next Elle and JJ went together. They are doing great at their new home:

JJ has learned how to open doors!! If you're in the bathroom or bedroom without the door being locked, he jumps up and turns the knob with his two front paws and after a couple tries, the door comes swinging open!! Toilet paper and paper towels and jumping on the counter are still fun games to Elle and JJ, but a spray bottle has improved their behavior.

Every once in a while (not while it was super cold) we take them into our small backyard on little harnesses and leashes. They love exploring the grass and our garden and doing their bird call when a bird lands near by in a tree. JJ loves climbing a small fruit tree in our garden- with a little help under supervision, he gets so excited! They always love coming back inside too cause they get a little treat when their harnesses come off. As soon as you grab the harnesses, Elle sits down and purrs while you put it on her. JJ didn't like the harness much at the beginning, but now he sits down too!

Elle's favorite toy: water- whenever she can get the chance to be by water, she loves sticking her paws in it and cleaning them. JJ's favorite toy: a little pink and purple feathery sparkling purse that used to have cotton filling- we crack up whenever he plays with it, which is everyday- he tosses it up in the air, carries it around in his mouth, and sleeps with it.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful cats. In the 10 cats I've had since I was 3 years old- none of them compare to Elle and JJ. They are a precious gift and we thank God for creating such amazing creatures!

R. & M.

S. worried about Gigi without all her sibs, but she found a perfect spot, too. A woman who adopted twin gray kitties from me a couple of years ago, was looking for a new friend for her older cat Oliver, who had just lost his buddy.

Gigi has become Nellie. It was not my intention to give her a new name but Mely Belly eventually became Nellie Mely Belly and after a few “Whoa Nellie’s”, I found she was answering to it. I think it suits her. She’s a doll. You can see from the pictures she’s made lots of friends.

Last night I watched her trying to turn a box right side up always keeping an eye behind to prevent ambush by the dogs. I wanted so much to help her but sometimes the journey is more fun than the end. She was enjoying herself.

I think Oliver is still not sure about the whole thing. Sometimes I imagine him telling me, “Mom, she’s bothering me again.” She keeps him on his toes! He’s definitely brighter and even his appetite seems to be improving.

Like I said, she’s a little darling and has fit in beautifully. Thanks so much.


We estimated that the Cousins were born near the end of April in 2007, so their first birthday is right about now. Happy Birthday, Parmesan, JJ, Elle, and Nellie!

Don't you just love happy endings?!


  1. They all got wonderful homes!

  2. What a WONDERFUL update!!!! My hubby & I are the ones who found these beautiful kittens & their mother....along with an older sibling, Poppet, who had a terribly infected eye. We knew we could not handle all those kittens & Poppet's medical needs so put out the SOS....and Feline Rescue stepped up. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! It's great to see them all doing so well and happy & healthy. Their momma - named Autumn - found her forever home with us and is an absolute love. I SOOOO love happy endings!



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