Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Okie and the Bunny

Oakley, with his dirty cast on in 2006

I fostered Oakley back in 2006. I found him limping in my yard, but I couldn't get close to him. I live-trapped him and soon found out he was a little lover boy, not feral at all. A visit to the vet confirmed he had a BB lodged in his paw, and it was broken. He had to wear a cast for 6 weeks, which he was none to fond of.

I had him for 3-4 months, and I must confess, they were a bit stressful for me. Oakley is a WONDERFUL cat, but he tormented my 3 resdient cats the whole time he lived with me. What a relief it was when he was adopted into a great new home!! He is very loved and very spoiled, and his family sends me photos regularily. His new family wanted to name him Romeo, but Oakley kind of fit him so they shortened it to "Okie". Below are the most recent ones they sent.

Hmmm...a bunny I must observe this intruder carefully.

He thinks if he turns his back to me I don't see him....silly rabbit.

Drats! Foiled by the glass again.

Oh well, I much prefer laying in the sun than bunny hunting, anyway.

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  1. Okie looks like a wonderful cat. I think that bunny is a little too brave for his/her own good.


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