Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on OC and GTC

We received this great update from two young cats recently adopted from the Feline Rescue shelter, and their human gave us permission to share their story with the world. This is a great example of why adopting cats in pairs is a GREAT idea!

Hello to everyone at Feline Rescue!

It has been 3 weeks, and these beautiful cats are settling in very well!

The boys could not have been more fun as they got used to living in a house....steps, mirrors, glass doors and curtains fascinate them! One of their favorite games is chasing each other from the basement to the upper floor of the house and back again, before they collapse in a heap (together) for some serious brotherly love.

Garfield (now Wally) loves the cat dancer toy , and a large, black fur mouse that he doesn't like to share! He is also very fascinated with plastic water bottles, and will push one around the house every chance he gets. He is the most independent of the two, but when he gets tired, he is the biggest lover and looks for the next lap to settle on.

OC was going to remain OC, but between the big paws, big purr and big personality, he has become Mr Bigs, or Biggie. He fo-opted a faux leopard print fleece glove, and he drags it around the house and wrestles with it every time he finds it. He has curiousity and enthusiasm to spare, and has staked his territory on the cat perches as defender of the house against all the birds, squirrels and bunnies he sees oustside. There is no where he won't climb and explore, and no person he won't try to charm!

I've included a few picture of Wally and Biggie for everyone at Feline Rescue to see. These kitties have settled in so well, and are so well loved---thank you for fostering them and keeping them before they came to us!

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