Friday, August 22, 2008

The Fun Girls are settled in their new home!

After fourteen months living in my house as fosters, Lana & Starlet finally found the right home. They are the only two cats in the house and there are aquariums for entertainment. Their adopter is an experienced cat owner who loves black cats and knew he wanted a pair. He found Lana and Starlet on the website and learned more from the blog. Even though Starlet hid during his entire visit to my house and Lana didn't want to be held, he was not deterred. I think you will enjoy the updates I have been receiving and the photos I got today.

Hi Denise, The weekend was great, but always too short. Lana is almost over her shyness and craves attention. She loves the sleeping area under the stairs. Starlet is more relaxed, but still very shy. She loves to sit on my 20 gallon aquarium or behind the Washer & Dryer. I'll let the cats explore the rest of the house Friday night. Starlet, has shown an interest in the single window in the laundry room, thus, I think she will be happy to have more widows to explore. Thanks, D
Hi Denise, The girls are great! They timidly started exploring the house on Friday and would run back to the laundry room (Basement) when ever they got nervous.The house has two levels (Basement and Main). Lana, seems comfortable and will jump up on my lap while I watch TV in the living room (Main level). She has been exploring the entire house and I'm not sure if she has a preferred spot. She has been extremely playful. Starlet, has explored the entire house and seems to like sitting at a window in the basement best. Lana, likes the same window, since it has a wide base to sit on and it is easy to jump to.
Thanks, D
Hi Denise, I just sent you 6 pictures in separate emails. Starlet, has finally gotten over most of her shyness. She has been extremely playful over the last 2 days. Yesterday, she jumped up on my lap for the first time while I was watching TV and demanded constant petting and purred like crazy. Lana, is very playful. Both cats were sleeping on my bed when I woke up this morning.
Thanks, D

NOTE FROM DENISE: WOW! I haven't even looked at the photos yet, but this is such great news. Thank you for being willing to trust that I knew how these cats would respond to you given some patience. I hope they are all you had hoped for. It sounds like it!



  1. Amazing what a bit of patience will do for a shy kitty. Glad they found such an understanding caregiver. And great photos considering how hard it is to get good pics of black kitties.

  2. Lana and Starlet have landed firmly on all eight paws in their new home. They look so happy!

  3. As the Mother/Caretaker of one of Lana's kittens I'm happy beyond words that she and Starlet landed in a very wanted forever home. What a joyous thing to read on a Monday morning.
    Many thanks to Denise (Lana's foster Mom) for her loving care of Lana, Starlet, and all the chipmunks!!



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