Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Many Happy Endings

For years, this group of cats was living outside at an armament proving grounds. A caring employee contacted Feline Rescue last fall for help getting the cats spayed and neutered to break the cycle of homeless cats on the property. Remarkably, the cats were all friendly. So volunteers were able to help not only get them all spayed and neutered but also to get them all out of harm’s way and into loving homes.

The very sociable patriarch of the family, Moose, who was missing most of his ears but more than made up for that with his enormous feet and extra toes, went to the Feline Rescue adoption center and was adopted right away. And sweet Cally, who had lost her tail out there, found her forever home not long afterwards, also at the adoption center. Two of the cats were taken in by company employees.


Three moms with young kittens were cared for by Feline Rescue volunteers. Three-legged and blind, Athena somehow survived many years outside and is now at home with volunteer Mary, who also adopted Athena’s kitten LouLou. Ginger and her son Mitts have made themselves at home with volunteers Mike and Susan.



Kittens Dora, Josie, Penny, Mumford, Petey, and Tigger were all adopted into loving homes. Mom Apricot and kittens Butternut, Oreo, and Hydrox are still looking for permanent homes.

Oreo and Hydrox

Sisters Princess Leah and Concho were the very last cats to be brought in from the cold. Before coming to the adoption center, they got to spend some time living in a house. They liked it and are hoping to be back in a home again soon! Princess Leah and Concho have always stuck together. They are both a little shy, but they’re sweet and will do well in a new home if they stay together. They love to play and cuddle. To meet them, stop by the Feline Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3 for more information.

Princess Leah and Concho

Thanks to everyone who contributed in some way to the rescue of this wonderful group of cats and to so many happy endings.


  1. This story really made my day. Thank you for all you do!

  2. YEAH!!! Great work saving this crew....and finding them the homes they deserve!

  3. My daughter Vanessa has adopted the old patriarch Moose. Believe me, he's living the good life now. And so is she..... Thanks Feline Rescue !

  4. My sister adopted Moose and he is such an amazing cat! I often think of stealing him from her....

  5. GREAT rescue story!! Love that Moose.

  6. I love a story with a happy ending, thanks for being the angels in these kitties lives!


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