Monday, January 16, 2012

Alani and Cookie, Mom and Daughter Adopted Together

We were very fortunate to find a home for Alani and Cookie together so that this mother/daughter pair would not have to be separated and so happy to hear that they are already bonding with their family.

Cookie and Alani in their new home

 The girls are settling in well. Alani always follows me around. She has been sleeping with me during the day and with Mike at night. She lets me hold her for a little bit and yesterday she actually started jumping up and sitting on my lap. I think Cookie is starting to become Kate's cat. Cookie will let her carry her around all over and for long periods of time. She just sits in her arms. It is pretty cute. She will let Mike and I hold her for about a minute before she gets restless.

Cookie and her new BFF, Kate

We have found that we cannot leave food on the counter, or top of the fridge. One of them, we suspect Cookie, killed a loaf of bread that we left out on the counter to thaw overnight. The next morning there were huge holes in the bag, the loaf was flattened and there were huge holes in it and crumbs on the counter. The next evening there was a bag of cookies on the counter. I wasn't home. Mike put the kids to bed and about an hour later he came out and found a hole in the bag and one of the cookies on the floor in front of the fridge. We decided Cookie was aptly named, because again, we are blaming it on her, although they were both munching on Alex's unfinished bagel that he had for breakfast this morning. So much for a grain free diet. No more lazing around after meals. They are receiving a lot of love and have settled in well.

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