Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feline Rescue adoption featured by Chuck & Don's

I just adopted this "little Dazzler" of a cat from Feline Rescue, Inc. (a no-kill cat-rescue organization in St. Paul) a couple months ago. She was found during last winter - that very cold and snowy February 2011 - just after she had a litter in a cardboard box shelter, and thus, they gave her an adopted name of "Valentine." They told me, "It was too cold even in the shelter box for Valentine to leave the newborn babies for even a minute and she had been eating the straw to stay alive even though there was food just outside the box." Feline Rescue took in the whole litter, took care of their health issues (vet checks, spade/neutering, shots), and this beautiful little family was together for awhile in loving foster care homes until they were all adopted out.

I adopted the mother, "Valentine," and I renamed her "Jazmin" (spelled that way because it's more unique and fun - alias, "Jazzy, Jazmaraz, Jazmataz", or anything else "Jazzy", since she still has alot of kitty-playfullness in her!). It was estimated that she was around 1-1/2 years old when she had that litter (a kitten having kittens), and now is estimated at around 2-1/2 years old.

I think she's a gorgeous little girl, who has (in my opinion) "huge cleopatra eyes with jewels" - her eyes range from light blue, to light green, and very often look turquois! - very striking "jewels" against her calico coloring. One of her foster-mom's told me, "Her eyes are truly exceptional. I have cared for cats all my life and have fostered probably 300 in the last ten years and there are few that come close."

(Just an FYI) ---> She is a medium-long-haired calico, with a mane, and a soft white bushy front collar, and soft white underside. (Aside from the calico coloring, her basic color and white pattern reminds me of a Norwegian Forest Cat, but she has some facial features of a Main Coone (but not their coloring, and her fur is much softer). Jazmin is even a little "video star" (well, sort of -- i.e., one of her foster-moms put a short video of her and her litter on YouTube!) It's a little fuzzy quality, but you can still see how pretty she is, and what a gentle, loving mother she was!

I am also including a clearer photo of Jazmin (or "Valentine," at that time) and her litter, probably taken at the time the video was shot -- attached to this email. The Rescue folks also took alot more photos and captured her rescue story on their Blog --- They told me that you can use any photos &/or story from the pages she is featured on, at their blog. You can find "Valentine's" story easily there. Just go to:

- Type this in the Search Box: Valentine

- 4 links will come up, and those are the only pages that have something about "Valentine" on them. You can use anything from those pages re: her that you wish for copying photos, or for telling her story, or anything I mentioned in the paragraphs above or below here. (I know there is a lot of info here, but you can use &/or condense whatever you want!)

- I consider these Blog pages an easy online reference to "Jazmin's Family Album" (so to speak)!

Just an Addendum One of Jazmin's kittens was a carbon-copy of her, and they called her "Minnie-me." (Wish I could've adopted her, too, but my lease only allows one cat here.) Anyway, one of Jazzy's foster-moms also sent me this little Update, not sure if it's on the blog or not - "The twin orange boys went to a home together where there were already two other young brother kittens and they all became fast friends and playmates. The two girls Minnie and Candy went to a home together, too, and self-confident Bob went to a home with a playmate kitten waiting for him."

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  1. Wow! The picture of the mom with all her kittens cuddling with her is just precious! And I am a pet photographer so I have captured alot of tender moments. It is just so cute to see the mom with all her kittens. Great picture!


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