Monday, January 30, 2012

Family finds a home together!

Remember the recent post about a mama cat and her two matching kittens looking for a home together? Well, they were lucky enough to find just that with a lovely family including two kids who were thrilled to have the lively kittens.UPDATE FROM NEW HOME:
Here's a photo of the kitties all snuggled on my bed.

Lacy (we're calling her the Dolly Mama) has finally gotten relaxed enough to come out from under the bed and even play with one of the feather/ball toys. She purrs when I pet her but then gets up, walks a foot or so away and falls over onto her side or belly up and then we start all over again.

Neither of the kitties are sitting still long enough to lay in a lap yet but I napped the other day and Yahoo (or Scamp) curled next to me the whole time. Google (Tipster) is very affectionate and is quite a talker. He is more at ease than his brother or mama.

We love them all and are so happy to have them in our home! Even my husband never minded that we came home with an extra cat.

The kids are interacting with them wonderfully. They will get them playing with a feather wand for a good half hour and watching the aerial maneuvers of the kitties has us gasping in awe and delight.

Thank you so much for what you do.


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  1. I love this happy ending, which is really a new beginning. Many thanks to the adoping family!


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