Thursday, January 5, 2012

What a difference an afternoon with a kitten makes!

Khaki the cat has had a hard life. A very hard life. And things are not getting any easier for him. He's been on the streets. He was once in a home but they had a lot of strict rules. He wasn't allowed on the furniture. He wasn't even allowed to sit on a throw rug. He's seen a few years. Been in a few scuffles. And he has diabetes. He drinks a lot of water. He moves very slowly. His fur is a little dry. He's lost a ton of weight. He should be fluffy and beautiful. His eyes show that he's not feeling well. His insulin isn't regulated yet. Once the vet figures out what his dosage should be (which takes a long time), the spring will return to his step. His fur will look and feel magnificent. He will feel magnificent.

For all that he's been through, he is incredibly sweet. Khaki does not like to sit on furniture, even furniture designed for cats. He won't sit in any pet bed, regardless of its shape, size, and fluff level. He won't even sit on a throw rug. He prefers to sit on the hardwood floor, in the corner, under a table. He'll awkwardly sit on a lap for a few minutes, enjoying the petting and chin scratches, purring the entire time. He'll look up with grateful, adoring eyes. After a few minutes, Khaki will wonder if he's being a bother and will politely jump down off the lap and sit on the floor, next to the person who was petting him. He likes attention. He's just not used to it.

One afternoon, Khaki received a visit from Lenny the kitten, kitten extraordinaire. They greeted each other by sniffing each other's nose intently (Khaki did not appreciate a butt sniffing). Khaki laid a few feet away from Lenny the kitten, who gleefully explored Khaki's room. He quietly observed the kitten in action. After a little bit, the kitten settled down in a nice comfy chair. Khaki retreated to his corner. Lenny the kitten said his good-byes, giving Khaki his room back. The little kitten's exuberance rubbed off on Khaki. Moments after the door closed, Khaki, for the first time since moving to his foster home, crawled into a bright pink cat bed and fell asleep. Lenny the kitten taught him - "Be comfy!"

Khaki is currently in a foster home and is looking for a forever home. Khaki is looking for someone who is patient, understanding, and will love him unconditionally. He's an absolute sweetheart. He's very mellow. He loves, loves, loves catnip. He has opinions about things and lets everyone know what he's thinking... but in a nice way. Sometimes his yowl is more demanding than he really intends it to be (in other words, he's all talk!). He prefers to soak up life rather than zip through it. He moves a little slow. He's not in any rush. He doesn't want to be a bother but if you have a minute, he'd love a little attention. His heart his kind. His eyes speak volumes about his rough past. He would love nothing more than a kind word, a chin scratch, and a smile.


  1. Poor baby....we hope his forever home comes soon!! Mom says she can't imagine someone telling a cat to stay off of everything - heck, she can't seem to keep us off the counters. :)

  2. Heartwarming! So happy he has love and a true kitty life now.

  3. I think that people can be too stringent and unreasonable on pets. Before I had my cat I was on the neat freak side when it came to cleaning my home. Now with Tiffany, my beloved cat, I do have scratches on my furniture and other messes. But I would not trade her for my former spotless but empty home. AND IT IS CRUEL FOR PEOPLE TO DE-CLAW THEIR CATS JUST TO PROTECT THEIR FURNITURE. IMAGINE A PERSON'S NAIL COMING OFF THEIR FINGER? THE BUNDLE OF NERVES MAKES IT SO PAINFUL. Thanks for my 2 cents, Liezl


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