Friday, January 20, 2012

Miss Black Now Sirius in Her New Home


I just wanted to write to give you an update on Miss Black...We've had her for about 2.5 months and she is doing infinitely better! She has really come out of her shell. We did rename her Sirius. We call her Siri but mostly end up calling her kitty. She responds to whatever as long as I change my voice to call her. She recognizes our tones when we are talking to her and will come to us when called. Around the new year we let her into the bedroom and she has never hiden under the bed. Our house is a big circle so she will run around it to be sneaky. We still haven't introduced her to the second floor but we don't spend much time up there so she doesn't seem interested in going that way anyway. She meows at us when she wants to be petted or food and she just started jumping up on the couches when prompted to get petted by us. She is super well behaved. She doesn't get into the garbage or jump on counters or scratch the furniture. I knitted her a mouse toy stuffed with cat nip and she ignored it for the first month or so and I thought she hated it but one day she just started to play with it and it looks like I'm going to have to make another one because she's torn that thing apart! The blanket that the rescuer gave us helped break her out of her shell. We put it on the floor in the living room and that is straight where she went when she started to come out of hiding in the beginning. Then when she started to go to the couch I put it on one of the cushions and that is where she sleeps every night. The vents in our house used to scare her but now she sits by them when they are on to warm up. She's super funny and we really enjoy having her!

I've attached pictures of her sun bathing today (that was before it snowed!).

Thank you guys! You were very helpful and we appreciate what you do!


Thank you Molly for giving Miss Black a home!

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