Friday, January 13, 2012

Last kitten family of the season??

Remember these little guys from an earlier blog post? Well, they are big enough to be adopted now and their mom is ready, too!

Kitten season is pretty much over until spring (time for the foster families to catch their collective breath). But wait, there is still a sweet mom and her two young boys at my house. They are a matched set in white and gray.

LACYPregnant mom cat Lacy was rescued from a house with too many cats, so we all were surprised (but happy) when she only had two male kittens, I eventually named them Google and Yahoo. Only two kittens, but one was still a runt and barely survived with extra special care. Yahoo is a spunky little fellow. He is still smaller, but more independent and playful than his bigger brother Google who is more of a mama's boy, lap kitty.

YAHOOSince all were spayed/neutered before Christmas, Lacy has become much more playful as we often see in mamas. It's so fun to watch her chase and play with the kittens. She was a rather strict devoted mom when they were little, but now they play together as well have bonding sessions where she still allows some recreational nursing.

Don't let these lazy photos fool you -- Playtime photos would just be a blur!

HAPPY FAMILYI'd love to see them all three go to a home together!!! But, I am open to the opportunities that arise. The two little boys could go as a pair or Mom Lacy with Google. Lacy could go to a home solo as long as her new person would be around enough to love her and play with her, but the little boys will need some playmate in their new home.

Learn more about them on our website: Lacy, Google, Yahoo.  If you are interested in adopting Lacy, Google. or Yahoo, please call 651-705-6264.

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  1. Happy, happy news!! This little family was adopted together! I'll post an update when I have some photos of them in their new home :-)


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