Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Penelope makes five

Our new foster caregiver, Stacy, who has the foreclosure kitties (mom and three kittens) has welcomed, Penelope, the lonely-only recovering from a botfly in her neck, into the family group. Momma kitty isn't so sure about another kitten, but the other kittens are glad for another playmate and Penelope is SO HAPPY to have a family again. Here is the report (and photos) from Stacy:

Penelope joined my three kittens on Saturday night. Mama Kitty has been pretty nice to her (she growls only occasionally, and mostly because Penelope plays a little too roughly, as far as Mama Kitty is concerned). The other three kittens love her.

The Foreclosure kittens: Henry (or Winnie), Fannie Mae, and Winnie (or Henry).

Penelope. Look at that pretty neck - no more boo boo!

Penelope playing with a new friend (but it's hard to tell the black ones apart, especially from this angle!)

WHAT is Fannie doing with the toilet paper? Naughty kitten!

Penelope is doing really well. She plays and plays and plays. I have the cutest video of the 4 kittens playing together. I haven't seen them all snuggling together, but they were all sleeping in the same area (at least the one time that I caught them at rest). Penelope has snuggled with me a few times when she tires out - I lay down on the floor and she crawls near my neck and purrs for a few seconds before it's time to play again.

Penelope was very shy and frightened for the first while after she was rescued, so this is great news. Purrs, even! Good job, Katie and Stacy. Would you like to make a difference in the life of an abused or injured kitten? We're always looking for another good foster home (or sponsor!)

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  1. Penelope is lovely and I'm so glad she is fitting in well with her new family. The video is great, they all look so lively and happy.


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