Monday, August 4, 2008


Remember my foster kitten group known as the Chipmunks? Chip 'n Dale, Simon, Alvinia and Theodora were all brown tabbies born to Lana, the lovely solid black momma. The kittens all moved into their new homes in the spring, but Lana is waiting to find a home with her cousin Starlet.

Anyway, I get regular updates on the kitten formerly known as Chip, now Nelson. Like all the Feline Rescue volunteers, I love to get updates on my former fosters, so a special Thanks to Nelson's mom for keeping in touch. I'd love to hear from the adopters of the other Chipmunks, too!

Hello Denise,

I wanted to wish you good luck this weekend in adopting Lana and Starlet. I see that they will be at the Roseville Petco on Saturday and I'm really hoping that Lana and Starlet can find a good home. The thought of Nelson's mother not being adopted makes me sad and since Starlet is so shy I really hope she can be with Lana.

Nelson had his 1st birthday June 1st and we celebrated with some cat treats and lots of extra love. He is still so small in comparison to Duncan when he was a year old. We call him Pee Wee, Rocket Man, and Cocoa Puff Paws. I'm grateful for every day that I have with him, he is one sweet little boy.

Take Care,

Nelson lives with two older sisters now, Sagan (shown) and Bella--

Hello Denise,

I thought I'd give you a cute update. Nelson has a new past time, he has discovered that any round fruit is a toy. He is a kitchen counter boy and now that it's summer I keep my fruit on the counter. He likes anything that is round, yesterday I came home to find my fresh apricots on my kitchen floor and in my dining and living room. All pieces had little claw marks and holes in them. He will beat them about the house until he seems satisfied that the mean piece of fruit is indeed dead! Ha!!
Oh yes, he is also even capable of knocking a large grapefruit about as well, he's one strong little man!

I just love him and he is doing very well. All I need now is a covered something to keep my little fruit thief out.

I hope you and your crew are well and thanks as usual for being such a great foster mom to Nelson, he is truly a joy!


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  1. Nelson is delightful and he's obviously landed firmly on all four paws in his forever home. I love his fruit wrestling habit!


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