Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Displaced due to foreclosure

Feline Rescue welcomes a new foster caregiver, Stacy! She has taken in a momma cat and three small kittens who were abandoned by a foreclosed homeowner. Stacy reports:
Someone found Mama Kitty in a window well, so I think I want to name her Winnie. I want to name the tabby kitten Fannie Mae (I think she's a girl), and there is a boy, who I think I will name Henry. And I'm not sure if the other is a boy or a girl. If the third is a boy, I will name him Freddie Mac.

The mom cat has been very protective of her kittens and not too trusting of Stacy in the first days, so it was big news when I heard from Stacy:

Mama Kitty let me pet her this morning! The kitties were asleep in a corner, and she let me pet her as I fed her soft food. The kittens have started to use the litter box a little bit and everyone is eating hard food. I can tell that Mama Kitty isn't nursing as much because she no longer eats 6 packets of soft food each day. : )

Thanks to Stacy for your patient care of this little family!

Every day it seems another emergency brings sick and injured and abandoned cats and kittens to our shelter. Since the shelter is full, we need more foster caregivers to help us care for as many cats as we can during this peak season. Please contact Feline Rescue's foster coordinator, Cathy, at 651-230-3263 if you want more information about fostering.

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  1. What a gorgeous little family. Mama cats are so protective, and poor Winnie had every reason to be wary, poor girl. Stacy is doing a great job with them all. They look happy and well.


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