Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greetings from the Elves!

In April, we were sad to report that one of the "elf" kittens, Gus (formerly Inkie). died very suddenly of lymphoma. His new family and his brother, Max (formerlyTwinkie), were devastated. The family went searching for another friend for Max and found a Siamese mix named Catman. We were happy to get a photo of those two boys.

Max on the left, Catman on the right.

We also got an update on the momma of the elf kittens, Ruthie (formerly Ivy) who went to a home with her daughter, Moly (formerly Winkie). The girls are having some dental issues at the moment, but are fine otherwise.



Our last report from the fourth elf kitten, Ranger (formerly Binkie) is that he is doing great, too, with his new calico friend. Looking out the window is a favorite pasttime for cats, isn't it?!

Ranger and friend

And why were they called the Elves, you might ask? Here's a blast from the past. Look at the ears on those kittesn!


  1. I love the elf ears on these babies.
    It is so wonderful they now have forever homes!

  2. What lovely pictures, and what little frootbats they were as kittens!


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