Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meet Penelope

Penelope on her cow-print bed

This little munchkin was found in a window well earlier this week. Apparently, the mama cat moved all of the other kittens out of the window well but left her behind. According to the person who found her, she was alone in the window well an entire week! Mama was still coming back to feed her, so that kept her alive.

When we went to pick her up, we discovered that she had an injured neck so we immediately took her to the vet. We'll spare you the details of what was inside her wound, but lets just say it's a good thing she went to the vet when she did.

She's been at my house since Monday night and is doing very well. Her injury is healing nicely and she is eating well. She is a tad bit shy from her first weeks as an outdoor cat, but she's coming around and started to purr and play. I think she's lonely so we're hoping to transfer her into another foster home once we're sure she's healthy.


  1. Poor little Penelope, I'm so glad she was rescued when she was and her neck is healing up. I hate to think what had caused the injury.

  2. Whoever adopts sweet Penelope is going to have a tough time saying no to those melt your heart eyes.


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