Friday, August 29, 2008

Lovely Lizzie

Lizzie is a pretty young tabby with soft grey stripes. She's an independent gal who appreciates the peace and quiet of living in the c/d room with her friends Milo and Lola. Lizzie is also a bubbly little girl who knows how to play. No one tracks down superballs like Lizzie does! She follows them, bounce for bounce.

In quieter moments, Lizzie appreciates petting and will even crawl into your lap. Sometimes all the commotion of the shelter is a little much for Lizzie, and she will feel much more at ease when she's living in a home of her own. Lizzie would be equally happy to be your spoiled little princess or to share your affections with another cat. She gets along with most cats, especially her playmate Milo.

While Lizzie never lets a ball get away, sometimes the other cats lose them under the furniture. So if you stop by the shelter sometime, bring a superball for Lizzie. She would love to see you soon! For more information on Lizzie, visit her Petfinder Page.

1 comment:

  1. Lizzie is a little corker! It would be great if she was adopted with her playmate Milo.


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