Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Purrfect Pair Available for Adoption

Brother and sister, Penny and Coley were living outside when they were taken in by a kind family. Penny and Coley are about two years old now and sweet, social cats. Penny will jump into your chair to snuggle and be brushed, and Coley enjoys being picked up and cuddled.  They are quiet, well-behaved but playful cats.

Penny and Coleys' foster family will be travelling out of state, so these two are desperately seeking a forever home. They are used to living with different cats and people, and they always adjust fine. It will take them a few weeks to completely warm up to a new home, but they are worth the wait.

These guys love to bird watch and to play with wand toys. They play wrestle to keep each other entertained when their people are busy.  If you're looking for a bonded pair of young cats, please contact us to hear more about this beautiful, well-loved pair.

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