Friday, January 4, 2013

Oliver's first Christmas

Update from adopters of Oliver (fka Tristan) who came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to be fostered and adopted out by Feline Rescue:

We just love this little guy to pieces! He's a very happy little cat and we're very happy that he has made his forever home with us. He's a very vocal little kitty, lots of trills (right on cue -- here he is behind my chair, trilling away), tiny meows, and frisky squawks. He still loves his plastic springs, but right now Mr. Fleecy Thing (a fleece ribbon on a stick) is his favorite toy. It's a hoot watching him stalk it!

He's been good as gold with all the Christmas things, including the tree. Nice change from our last kitty who would chew on the light cords -- yikes! He loves to burst out from beneath the tree when I throw one of his springs. Not sure what the tree skirt is going to look like when I pack it away for the season, but that's okay!

He's developed a really cute habit of hiding and then leaping out at Gary when Gary comes into the family room. When Oliver hears Gary coming, he'll stop whatever he's doing to scamper over to his hiding place for the big pounce! He still keeps his claws in when playing with us, and I've been able to trim his claws regularly. He doesn't like it, but there are treats afterwards.

He's a very healthy little boy, with a very healthy appetite. He eats mostly canned food (his definite preference), and would like to eat a whole lot more than his daily ration!! He weighs about ten pounds now, so he's right where he should be. He snuggles at our feet or knees at night, coming up to get his loving from me two or three times a night. He still "nurses" and probably always will. I don't mind except for the soggy spot he leaves on my jammies! His fur is so soft and he's very cuddly. He loves to be cradled in my arms like a baby (and you know I love doing it!).

He's a very social little guy. All of our friends and family just love little Oliver and think we got a real winner (we think so, too!). There's one group, though, he *really* loves -- my knitting ladies. But all that moving "string" is just too much for him, and he usually winds up banished to our bedroom. He gets lots of extra frisky time after everyone has packed up their yarn and left.

So that's the report on our Oliver. Happy holidays!


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