Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ellie and Nala- The Video

Momma cat Ellie is very proud of her babies and wants to show them off to the world so they can get adopted. Ellie and Nala are a bonded pair and would like to go home together. Nala turns to her mother for comfort; momma Ellie likes to wash Nala's face. They curl up together for naps. They're a couple of sweet gals, a little shy, but very loving. Nala loves belly rubs. Ellie loves sitting on laps. If you have a bird feeder and a big picture window, the two will be entertained for hours. It's the simple things that make them happy. Both have a little goofy in them and a lot of heart.

For more information on momma cat Ellie and her daughter Nala, please check out their profiles:

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