Thursday, January 24, 2013

Patrick and Connor at Home

Brothers Patrick and Connor were adopted just before Christmas after almost eight years at our adoption center.  Here's the update for which we've all been waiting!

On December 21st, we adopted Patrick, Connor, and Tippy (now called Alfie).  When we first brought the three boys home, Patrick and Connor disappeared into the basement for a few days.  We put food and water down there but never saw them (although we did hear them exploring at night after the first day).

When they finally appeared upstairs on Christmas, they quickly found spots to settle in.  (In addition to the regular cat beds, we also put out a few boxes with their blankets from the shelter.)  Alfie was kept in a room by himself, but he wanted out after one day.

All three new boys, while shy, quickly bonded with each other.  We have two other boys and one girl, and the old-timers have been very stand-offish.  They still are; but there have been no fights except a little hissing and boxing (Patrick is quite the boxer).

While Alfie wolfs down anything you put in front of him (always demanding more), we were a little concerned about Patrick and Connor.  However, Connor is now eating heartily, always moving on to Patrick’s plate when he’s done, so we have to watch them.  Patrick is still addicted to dry food, but he only gets a little to start him off.  He eats very slowly and thoughtfully when it’s not dry food.

Patrick seems to be a restless soul, often wandering around the house.  He can be pretty chatty when he’s strolling – in addition to meal times, when he lets out his mighty “peep” while waiting for his plate.  So far, Patrick is still the shyest around us and will usually run away when we approach.  However, he follows us whenever we go upstairs (he likes the stairs).  He also likes to play chase with Alfie, and he loves his catnip.

Patrick likes the “tunnel.”

Connor has accepted the fact that getting lots of pets from us humans is a good thing.  And once we start, he doesn’t want us to stop.  He often follows us around asking for pets – which we love to give, of course.  He’s a real sweetheart!  Of course, Patrick and Connor are still very much brothers, and if Connor gets up, so does Patrick.  But Patrick only allows an occasional scritch on the head or a quick body pet.

Connor contemplating.

Alfie loves being pet, too, but he still cowers when we approach.  We try picking him up and holding him a little bit every day.  He also gets plenty of rub-downs from us.  Alfie seems to miss his brother (who was adopted without him), because he’s always trying to snuggle up to any cat that will have him when he’s ready to nap.  My old-time cats won’t tolerate that, so he lies down an inch away from them.

In a daring move, Alfie snuggles up to Katarina, who is fast asleep and doesn’t notice.

When all the cats are milling about, such as when I’m preparing their dinner, the three new boys walk around bumping heads with every cat in sight (still the favorite thing that Patrick and Connor do with each other).  The old-timers try to ignore them, but it’s only a matter of time before they, too, will join in.

The three new boys have come a long way in just a month.  We are so happy to have them, because they bring us so much joy.  Every day, they come out of their shells a tiny bit more.  There’s something about them that makes our hearts melt.

And now all our hearts are melting too.  Thank you for giving the boys such a wonderful home!


  1. This makes me SO happy!!!!!! SO SO SO happy :)

  2. Just wonderful! Patrick and Connor waited so long for their people - and they found you! The front room at the shelter is just not as distinguishes as it used to be. And it's also wonderful that the former Tippy has some uncles and aunts to teach him what being a cat is all about. And, yes, Alfie, is the perfect name for him. I'm guessing it was his name all along; he just was waiting to tell his real people.

  3. I just want to say whoever you are, I LOVE you guys for taking these three cats into your home! Having volunteered at FR for over 13 years, I remember when Patrick and Connor first came in--back when Patrick was named "Sinead" because we thought he was a girl. : ) They and Tippy were wonderful cats at the shelter, and it's clear they've found a wonderful home! Thank you!!

  4. This has got to be one of the NICEST adoption stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading! How heartwarming that these boys were all adopted together and after such a long wait.

    I am a cat foster Mom in Toronto and I can't tell you how this story gives me renewed hope!!!


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