Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update from Shelby and Bambi

Although Shelby and Bambi didn't arrive together at Feline Rescue's Adoption Center, they left together when they were both adopted by the same family. Shelby, being a little on the shy side, took a little while to warm up to his new home. The outgoing and adventuresome Bambi helped ease the transition for him. Here is an update from their family:

This afternoon, our cats, Mozyr (née Shelby) and Pequenita (née Bambi), adopted last November from your facility, were both stretched out in the sunshine beaming through the deck-doors to our bedroom.
They sometimes tussle like many siblings do, but just as quickly settle down together and sometimes we catch them bathing each other. I'm still not sure they have established who is in charge, between the two of them, but they are coexisting well, and slowly accomplishing their control over our care of them, convincing us to dote on them and give in to their pleas for affection.
They are a great fit for us!
John & Cyndie

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