Monday, January 21, 2013

Take care of those outdoor kitties

With these frigid temperatures, don't forget about those outdoor kitties in your life.  Be sure to provide food, a heated water dish, and somewhere for the cats to take shelter. Here's a helpful video on caring for community cats from Best Friends Animal Society:

If possible, and if the cats are adoptable, consider bringing them in to help find homes for them. Matilda spent part of last winter (and possibly a couple winters before that) outside. Today she's happily enjoying a warm bed in her foster home.  Matilda enjoys living with people and other cats.  She's put her hard times behind her, and now Matilda lives to play! Visit her Petfinder page.

For more information on caring for outdoor cats or to volunteer to help care for a cat that needs to be rescued from the cold, contact our outreach volunteers.

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