Monday, January 14, 2013

Teddy and Angela

Last fall we received a large donation of food through an animal rescue group in Iowa. It took four separate trips to transport all of the food to our shelter. Two little kittens, Teddy and Angela, traveled six hours from Iowa to St. Paul on one of the trips.  We assumed they were brother and sister (although Teddy was quite smaller then Angela at first) so we were hoping to keep them together.  This very sweet pair went home together last Friday.

Teddy and Angela settled in their home

The kitties are doing fantastic! Kelly (my sig other) said that he has never seen such calm cats, or cats that settle in faster to a new place, and neither have I! They talked a bunch initially and spent a while snooping around everywhere, but quickly were eating and using the litter box perfectly, so much so that I've now put it down the basement where I want it...

Another amazing thing - I have kept the carriers out since I brought them home, and a few times now I've found either one or both curled up in there, hanging out or sleeping. I might just get my wish for cats that don't hate their carriers or being transported in a car. So great!

Thanks for everything!

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