Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baxter & Willi growing up

Baxter (brown tabby boy) and Willi (black and white girl) were lonely only orphans who came together at Feline Rescue as bottle babies. Willi will be ready for adoption soon, but little Baxter is a special needs kitty due to a heart murmur so he will be staying in foster care for now. Following is a report from their current foster home:

Both kittens are doing well.
Willi will be going to the V.E.T. soon for her (operation, shhh). She is ready to kick the dirt of our home off her paws and move on. She will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s home, she is loving, and funny. She still gives kisses. When you pucker up and make kissy noises she puts her nose up to get kisses. How sweet is that?
Willi is a PICKY eater. She likes her tiny cat royal canin, and when I yell “kitty bits!!!” at the top of my lungs both she and Bax come running to eat. She will eat the tiny cat kibble, too, and paw licken’ chicken but that’s about it.
Willi is dainty and jumpy and has tons of energy. We will miss her, but there is too much noise and confusion and it makes her a bit nervous. You can see from the pictures that she is getting big, and she is just as pretty as can be. She LOVES to snuggle, but flails like crazy when we pick her up unless we quickly wrap her up in arms. I will have to show her adopters how to do that so she doesn’t scratch the heck out of them. 
Baxter, oh that boy. I put in the picture of the croc for size comparison. I have never had a cat that tiny have free range in the home. He has grown legs and a tail, and he is all skinny-cat energy. He moves constantly until he is exhausted and falls asleep where he is. He eats anything; this week’s offerings include pizza crust, green salsa and soy milk. He LOVES to eat, and still gets distracted so he has to eat with supervision.
Baxter loves us all, husband, son, dog, cats, everyone. He greets me at the door every day when I get home along with Sophie (my dog) and Boris the Incorrigible (the orange tabby). Baxter is underfoot ALL THE TIME. I can’t tell you how many times he has almost been stepped on, and he always scoots out of the way. He is tiny, but fast.
His special friend is Uncle Boris who he cuddles with whenever possible.
The black Kitty is Choco-Latte Leaf, (my son’s cat) and they are also very good friends.
Baxter and Willi still fight and play and fight and play. Baxter gets covered when he eats, and Willi or one of the big kitties cleans him off. “tastes like chicken!”
They both sleep with us everynight like the entitled little monsters that they are.
One last hilarity- I tried to get a picture but the only time Baxter is still now is when he is eating or tired. When he is playing he gets up on his back paws and spreads his front paws like he is an anteater. I can almost hear him saying “I am Baxter the Mighty!!! Fear my wrath!” he is a fearless little man.

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