Sunday, January 6, 2013

Maddie in Her New Home

Maddie, now known as Kahlua, is loving her new home. We received an update from her family that will certainly make you smile.

Hello Feline Rescue,

I just wanted to write with a little update about our kitty Kahlua (aka Maddie when she was at the shelter). My husband and I adopted her in August and she has fit into our little family marvelously! She likes to sleep curled by us at night and greets us with kisses in the morning. When we got her, she was a little overweight, but we've got her food managed and are finding more and more toys she likes to help keep her active. Even our friends can tell that she's lost weight! She seems to be getting more playful now too. :) We've had fun discovering all her little quirks along the way (like laying in her water dish and meowing at the garbage truck).

She's doing so well and is just the best cat! We couldn't be happier.

I attached a few photos we've taken of her (two of them are her sleeping, still one of her favorite activities!)

Thanks for all you do!

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