Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beautiful Black Cats

Did you know that black cats are often the last to be adopted? We're not sure if it's due to superstition, because of the fact that they are hard to photograph (making them hard to advertise on adoption web sites), or perhaps it's just because people are often attracted to the more "colorful" cats. Likely, it's some combination of all of these factors.

All cats at Feline Rescue are special, no matter what the color. Below are just some of the sleek black cats we currently have at Feline Rescue, both at the shelter and in our foster system. Get to know the personalities of these cats, and you'll see that they are not just another black cat!

If you have a black cat photo or story you'd like to share, place a link in the comments section!


  1. Wow, striking photos when grouped together. Love those black cats!

  2. before I adopted my boy Diego-san I never considered adopting a black cat. I'm not sure why but all the reasons you've listed probably applied. once I met Diego there was no question I was going to adopt him. He has a great personality and it doesn't hurt that he's so soft and friendly. Plus Thompson adores him.


  3. Well, of course I think black cats are the most beautiful!

    Be sure to check out Diego-san. He's almost as pretty as me. Maybe we were separated at birth?

  4. When I was looking to adopt a cat from Feline Rescue in early 2003, I had narrowed it down to Diego (who was in foster care) or a cat at the shelter named Salem. I choose Salem which worked out best because shortly afterward -d ma came along and adopted Diego! Salem is now named Renzie

  5. I often say that serious cat people like black cats best! I, of course, have my history with black tuxedo cats...

    Lana & Starlet (pictured) are my fosters and they so long for a home together where they can be the queens of the domain! I posted about them earlier as the Fun Girls.

  6. We just adopted a beautiful, friendly black kitten named Zorro. She's a charming addition to our family, and her adoptive big sister Pepper, an energetic 2-year-old tortoiseshell, now has someone to play with. Our third cat, Wotan, is a long-haired black cat, but she's also 17 years old so she doesn't move around a lot. She is, however, perfectly happy to welcome a kitten to our house.


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