Thursday, May 1, 2008

Serengeti & Scooter

Last summer, we took in an "only lonely" kitten. Only lonelys are kittens that come in by themselves, without their mom or littermates. Her foster mom named her Serengeti--or Seri for short--and she wasn't lonely for long. She joined a foster home with lots of playmates whom she made fast friends with. Well, Seri is about nine months old now still waiting for the perfect home. She's lovely, sweet, and playful. She's recently made friends with a new little tyke in her foster home named Scooter.

Seri, as a kitten in fall of 2007

Seri now, all grown up!

This is Scooter, isn't he a doll? He's been mentioned on this blog before here and here. He used to be known as "Dude" but he's graduated to a real name now! Little Scooter will likely be neutered in about a week and will then be ready for adoption. Maybe he'll get lucky enough to be adopted with his beautiful friend Seri! Wouldn't they make a lovely pair?

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