Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sponsor Me: Frazier

This handsome guy has been with Feline Rescue for several years. Frazier is the most outgoing of our shy room cats: He regularly greets his human friends upon entry to his room, and is very receptive to a friendly pat on the head or a good chin scratching. If you visit our shelter you may find him lounging in the sun or snuggling in a bed with his feline friends. Settle on the floor, and he might crawl onto your lap for a body massage! Frazier has a passion for canned cat food, and will go to any lengths to usurp treats and lick treat dishes clean. He plays the occasional interactive game with wand toys, especially those with feathers.

Frazier is often overlooked for adoption because he has resided at the shelter for so long. He was placed in a home at one time, but had difficulty adjusting to life in a new environment as an only cat. For this reason, Frazier would need to be adopted with one or two of his friends. Duke and Riley are among his closest buddies, but he could also be paired with most other cats currently in the shy room. There should be no other pets in the household. To ease the transition to a new environment prospective adopters will need to establish a friendship with Frazier prior to his adoption.

While Frazier continues to await his special person, fans of Frazier can sponsor him for just $30. Recipients of sponsorships receive a photo and biographical sketch.

Donating to Feline Rescue's sponsorship program is a great way to support our mission. Remember, sponsorships make wonderful gifts! Download this form to sponsor Fraizer and/or one of his feline friends. To see other cats available for sponsorship, click here.

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