Saturday, May 31, 2008


Meet Tomasita. Tomasita may be gorgeous but she's no girly girl. She's a strong, spirited gal who loves to show off her feisty side. But beneath her tough exterior, Tomasita is a gentle soul who enjoys a good head-scratching and petting just as much as the next cat.

Our Tomasita longs to be loved! Sit down beside her and she might just crawl up on your legs or lap for a nice, long cat nap. Or maybe she's in the mood for a game. Tomasita loves to play! She goes wild for a feather-on-a-wand toy. She spent plenty of time hunting down birds while she was a stray.

Now Tomasita is ready for you to supply the cat food. In a comfortable home without the distraction of so many other cats around, Tomasita is ready to blossom into your calm and loving feline friend. For more information about her, call our shelter at 651.642.5900 ext. 3 or visit her Petfinder Page.

The many faces of Thomasita!

1 comment:

  1. What a characterful face Tomasita has! She's beautiful, I hope she finds a forver home soon :)


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