Friday, May 16, 2008

Stuart Little

Last Tuesday, May 6, a woman was watching a feral mom move her newborn litter to a new nest. Luckily the woman went to check the spot on Wednesday morning just to make sure all of the kittens were gone. She found Stuart Little left behind. Knowing he needed help, she brought him to our shelter the next evening. One of our volunteers took him home and began bottle feeding him and pottying him, and she even took him to work with her so he could have regular feedings. This week, he started having some health problems and was taken to the vet. It was believed that he might have a deformed colon, which is likely why his mother abandoned him. He began having labored breathing and was taken back to the vet. Nothing could be done, and passed away on Thursday, May 15.

Here's what his foster mom had to say about him:
He was a joy to have for one week. He had such a character. Twice he started screaming because he had gone to the bathroom on himself and hated to be messy. He loved his daily exercise - walking across the table. He was a great eater, although he preferred the syringe over the bottle nipple. He loved to purr and knead. I was looking forward to watching him develop. I waiting for his eyes to open so that we could look at each other. He was great fun and he will be missed.

Stuart Little was barely a week old when he passed, but he received the best care possible, and was very loved. We will all miss you.


  1. So sorry to hear that Stuart Little's story did not have a happy ending. My condolences to the wonderful, devoted person who cared for him.

    The instincts of momma cats continues to amaze me.

  2. That's so sad that Stuart Little did not make it, but wonderful that he had so much care and love during his week with you.

    I think your site is great and I've really enjoyed reading about all the cats and kittens that you rescue.

    I wish you well in this valuable work that you do :)


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