Monday, May 5, 2008

Adoption Update: Laddie

Laddie as a kitten, June 2007

About a year ago, this incredibly scrumptious little guy joined the Feline Rescue foster system. We knew that once he was ready for adoption, it wouldn't take long for someone to fall in love with him and take him home forever. Well, we were right! Shortly after being posted on, Aladdin was adopted into a family who already had another young orange fluffy kitty named Jacy.
Aladdin's named was shortened to Laddie. Here is what his family has to say about him. Check out what a handsome cat Laddie has grown up to be!

Laddie is a big boy now -- he weighs around 12 pounds. Laddie & Jacy (our girl kitty who was a rescue from Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary) are best buddies. They play together, groom each other, sit together, etc. They have gotten along since the second day Laddie came to our house. My husband and I are both very happy with both kitties -- we feel so fortunate to have them in our lives.
Laddie with his sister Jacy--Spring 2008

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