Friday, May 2, 2008

Purrs & Prayers requested for Dicken

Sweet Dicken with the crippled hind legs began the process yesterday to try to correct the position and function of his legs. He was sedated in order to have his legs splinted and unfortunately he ended up with a rattle in his lungs. He was weak and lethargic this morning and had to return to the hospital. They will keep him for the day giving supportive care and monitoring. The legs seem to be fine, but we are worried about pneumonia.

Please send Dicken your best wishes. He is already much loved by the staff at the University of Minnesota Vet Clinic and everyone from Feline Rescue who has had the chance to meet him.


  1. what a cute lil guy. i hope he gets well.

  2. Sending prayers for purrs and good health to this little guy! Thank you for all the good work you do at Feline Rescue!


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