Saturday, May 24, 2008


Raja is frequently misunderstood: she loves people but hates other cats. Unfortunately, she isoften overlooked for adoption because she doesn't show well around other cats. Living in a shelter has been very difficult for Raja: there are no rooms from which she can't see cats. But she has always been loving with volunteers who give her individualized attention. Raja recently moved to a more isolated room where access to other cats is limited, and the change in her personality was apparent immediatley. She's become the ultimate lap cat and even likes to play!

It's best to visit Raja before any other cat at the shelter. Her nose knows when you have been with another cat: she will sniff your hands and clothes to determine your loyalty! She will love you if you are loyal and dismiss your invitations if you are not. It's always a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly before visiting her.

So take another look at Raja. She's a sweet, older lady who has put up with all the youngsters here at Feline Rescue long enough! She deserves a happy home of her own. For more information about Raja, please call our shelter at 651.642.5900 ext. 3, or visit her Petfinder Page.

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