Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Molly Minute

This little mite was found in a box on the side of the street last week. Can you imagine? She's about six weeks old, a fearless little fuzzy Maine Coon mix. She eventually found her way to the same foster home where Dolly lives, and looking so much like a miniature version of Dolly she became Molly. Her foster Mom calls her Molly Minute, because she's about as big as a minute, and runs a "Molly minute", too.

Foster kittens are dewormed immediately, and receive their first distemper shots at 8 and 12 weeks of age. They are spayed or neutered when they are both over 12 weeks old and weigh over 3 lbs, which usually happen at about the same time, and once they recover are usually ready for adoption. When they are very young they are fed multiple times a day, sometimes with a syringe or bottle, and occasionally are nursed through upper respiratory or diarrheal diseases, more common in kittens who are removed from their mother too soon. In addition, they are loved, loved, loved by our volunteer foster parents. Take that into account when you look at the modest adoption fee we request for these babies.

Molly has settled in just fine, loves hugs, has a good appetite, gets along well with her foster sibs, and, well, can wear you out with all of her kitten energy. Here's a video of what happens when Molly meets the Fuzzball. Oh, and that's Scooter and Serengeti, having a good game of chase in the background. It's morning playtime in Kitty Kindergarten.


  1. Molly Minute is so adorable! It looks like she's having a blast with her toy, I'm surprised the other kittens didn't join in on the fun.

  2. Excellent description of fostering duties! And, of course, Molly is irresistible. I told you that toy would be a hit with the littles!

  3. I love the way she pounces, utterly absorbed with play :)


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