Friday, May 23, 2008

Fostering is Fun!

We have a brand new foster caregiver, P, and she has taken on the challenge of five motherless kittens.
These kittens had been observed for a while with their mother in someone's backyard but then the mother cat disappeared and only the kittens remained. Two kittens also disappeared for a couple of days, but returned and the people decided it was time to get them all some help.

P is new to fostering, but she loves animals and has lots of experience caring for them. She has two beagles and four cats. Three of her cats are from Feline Rescue, so it was a great chance to check in on Felix & Pierre (formerly Lewis & Clark at my house) and Nellie (formerly Gigi at S's house).
Fortunately, the kittens are very friendly and good eaters of cat food already, even though they are only about five weeks old. The
biggest problem is telling them apart! All five are brown tabbies and just one has white trim. Of the other four, one is a boy, but the three girls are pretty much identical. I visited and I can confirm that they are very cute and FULL OF ENERGY!
P says: The little guy with the white trim is Dominic – He’s the shyest. The other boy is Jacques – He’s the smallest. One of the girls is Nadine – She’s the boldest. Coco follows Nadine. If Nadine is the first over the fence, Coco is the second. And then there’s Lexie – She’s just plain old sweet and not quite as brave as her sisters.
The only way I can identify the girls is through their personalities. If they change in any way, I won’t be able to tell them apart at all and I’m kind of guessing now!
There’s one thing I’ve learned. It’s not easy taking photos of five active kittens. I can’t swear these photos include all five. Dominic, the little guy trimmed in white, has a knack for squirming out of camera range.

Two of the little girls can now get out of the pen. And back in, I’ve discovered. I heard that when these guys were living outside, two of the kittens disappeared for awhile. I bet I can tell you which ones!

Aren’t they adorable?

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  1. There is not much more fun than a jumble of kittens wrestling, tumbling, purring, and napping. Fostering is so rewarding!


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